Orange County Teen Party DJ and lighting Services.

If you are thinking about giving your teen a special party, I want to be your DJ!

I can make sure that Orange County and your neighbors will survive your teen party. As the father of two sons in their twenty's, I have paid my dues and know what it takes to make the party fun for them and keep the neighbors your friends the next morning. As a step-father of two daughters also in their twenty's, my wife is always willing to give me the "official" mom viewpoint.

As your teen party DJ, I want to understand your structure as a parent and will work with your son or daughter to put on a party that becomes known at school as "the party". A party that your son or daughter really appreciates your efforts in showing them they are special to you.

When you book with me, your son or daughter can go on my website and choose all of their own music so they have a comfort zone with the songs are going to be played. They can also email me with song requests ahead of time. My online database of songs is about 1,500 which is only a small fraction of my entire library of 30,000 and growing!

Before each event I always check out the latest songs that are being\ played on the local radio stations and make sure that I have all of the "must have" songs.

Here is my recipe for success. Play all the requests; play them a little on the loud side. Make sure they are the radio edited and not the explicitversions. Teenagers love great lighting, lasers, strobes and fog machines, anything that makes them feel like they are in a club. Andit is also important to treat teenagers like they are people and kids. Because they are both. Everyone wants to be respected regardless of how young they are.

  • Unlimited meetings and phone calls to plan your event
  • Select all of your favorite music ahead of time
  • Over the top sound system
  • Concert quality lighting services
  • Our contagious enthusiasm and belief that it's impossible to have too much fun


Art, Our daughter Brianna turned 17 and since we hadn’t held a party for her in several years, we thought we’d have a party with her inviting friends and a DJ. Little did we know that our little Brianna’s 17th birthday “soirée” would turn into the party of the year and the talk of the school!! Word travels fast with today’s technology of text messaging and it spread so fast that Bree’s party was “going-off” like a night club with a DJ. Your entire setup – song selection program, amazing lighting and your involvement of playing to the kids favorite songs showed us you really listened to your customer. Webster’s Dictionary can’t provide enough accolades for the tremendous time Bree had, and the lasting memories your program added to Bree’s birthday party.
Thanks again, The Willis’