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According to Martha Stewart...
"The entertainment you choose for your wedding is responsible for 80% OF THE EVENT’S SUCCESS and the memories you will have for the rest of your life.” Your flowers and your food do not pack a dance floor.

Wedding DJ's come in all prices and experience levels. You can find a beginning DJ for $500-$800, an intermediate priced DJ for $800-$1,200 and there are Orange County DJ's that start at $1,500 and go to $5,000, or until you are out of money.

What should you pay forwedding entertainment?

How do you set your weddingentertainment budget?

It depends on how important the entertainment is for you at your wedding, or the role you think the entertainment plays in the overall success of your reception. Only you can answer that.

Here is one approach from someone who knows the cost of your wedding entertainment and the price you could end up paying.

By far the most frequent comment I have heard from people AFTER THEIR WEDDING is that they wished they had not cut costs in the entertainment area of their big day and picked the cheapest price. I also hear that a DJ with years of experience does not automatically guarantee a good fit with what a couple is looking for

There is no set cost for wedding entertainment. A wedding has so many areas where you spend your money that it really comes dowm to shuffling your money based on your priorities.

Everyone has a budget regardless of "where" their bottom line is. At some point the credit card and check book need to be put away. One of the hardest aspects of planning your wedding is parceling out how much goes to what part of your wedding. Or, in what part is it important to take care of your guests or yourself. What is going to make the biggest difference, chair covers, flowers, an open bar, the meal or entertainment?

It has been my experience that the two area's I hear talked about AFTER THEIR WEDDING are an open bar (which can be very expensive, but worth it) and a great entertainment experience; which is always enhanced by an open bar. The more your guests drink the more they will dance and the longer they will stay.

When I look at sample budgets online or in bridal magazines I am amazed at the percentage allocated for the price of wedding entertainment. Most of the time an allocation of 7-10% for entertainment is suggested. Is that in line with what you feel plays a perdominate role in the success of your wedding? And is that in line with what you think will make your wedding a success? If it is, great. If not, consider 15%. That extra 5% of your overall budget can mean the difference between a beginner or an experienced quality dj, optional sub-woofers, or lighting that turns your dance floor into your own personal club just for you and your guests.

Whatever you decide, do it based on what is important to you.

Your meal can cost between $60-$120+ a guest. Spending $5-10 less on a guest’s meal makes a big difference in what you could budget for your entertainment. What I have heard over the years is that "so and so's wedding was OK, but the DJ didn't have a clue". What I have never heard is "so and so's wedding was OK, but the flowers were not exotic, the cheese platter was not aged, and we were served two pasta's instead of grilled fish and the dance floor was packed."

The other thing I've never heard is someone's wedding was just OK because their pictures were really average. But I have heard that someone's wedding was boring because the DJ sucked. I've seen DJ's get more of the blame than any venue, flowers, or food for the success or boringness (if that is a word) for a wedding. Put your budget where your priorities are. Spend on the items that make you happy and where you will have no regrets. Whatever you choose, have no regrets about your choice AFTER YOUR WEDDING.

Everyone has a budget. My step-daughter got married last year, I understand budgets.

Grooms' typically want to spend more on entertainment than brides, and yet after your wedding, most brides, grooms and friends judge the success of thereceptionon the dance floor. Remember the quote I started with, Martha Stewart says 80% of your success is based on your entertainment. That is a heavy price to pay that is not only measured in dollars but also in disappointment after the fact.

I would encourage you to read some of the testimonials on our web site. Please consider that what you read in the testimonials is from actual brides, grooms, mothers of brides and friends who have written to us after it's too late to make a change. Make sure you get what you wanted from the beginning. Set your priorities and budget accordingly.

Not all parts of a wedding cost the same, your most costly item typically is your meal, but know that if 80% of your success is based on entertainment you don't want the" tail wagging the dog". Wedding entertainment has a cost, just don't make it the most negative cost possible, one where your dance floor is empty and your centerpieces look fantastic.

I've shared with you my experience based on hundreds of events and happy brides and grooms. I hope I have not offended you with my candor. What you will hear from me in our free, no-obligation appointment is that I will listen to everything that is important to you, offer some suggestions on how to make it happen...and the two of you make all of the decisions, not me.

If you are looking forwedding entertainment in Orange County, please give us a call. Let us show you that we aswedding DJ's give you the fun and the class that you want out of your wedding reception. We give your wedding guests the opportunity to say that the DJ that you picked rocked your wedding.

Give your friends and family some wow factor at your wedding!


Art and Isabel are a great team, and it showed by how smooth our wedding went. Their meticulous and detail nature paid off dividends for us; from helping us plan and execute our wedding; and the website is top notch in every way. Thank You Art and Isabel for making our evening so special. You both rock!
Sincerely, Alicia & David