Orange County Wedding DJ.

As a Orange County wedding dj, we have been taught a couple things about wedding receptions from all of the brides and grooms that we've worked with over the years. In a word it's "balance". We've found that you know what kind of general music you want and expect us to fill in the gaps by reading the dance floor. You want us to keep everything on track so your catering staff or photographer aren't running late and want to charge you overtime. You want a DJ who is entertaining and keeps the party going without being in the spotlight. And, we've found that you want a dj who is organized, yet flexible. Confident without being pushy, and is willing to accommodate you with whatever last minute things come up.

What we offer brides and grooms is the ability to pick all of your own songs ahead of time to give you control over the music that is played at your wedding ceremony and reception.

There is a reason why our testimonial section is so large, and that is because we work really hard at providing the kind of wedding entertainment that is solely geared at turning your wedding wishes into great wedding reception memories


Art, During our wedding, Monette and I realized 2 things:

  • Never underestimate the importance of the DJ at your wedding reception. All a DJ really does is push a few buttons and play some songs, right? Wrong! A good DJ knows what music is needed and when, he knows what’s appropriate and what isn’t, he keeps the evening flowing smoothly, and he’s professional enough to know that his role is to be the unsung hero as he makes the bride and groom look good in front of their guests.
  • Art Zippel is the only DJ you will ever need to interview. After our first meeting with Art, Monette and I both felt so comfortable with Art that he became the first and last DJ we interviewed for our wedding. Art is all the things I mentioned in item #1 and then some. He and Isabel make a great team, and they were an absolute joy to work with.
Art & Isabel: thank you both so much for all your hard work in making our wedding reception such a special event. We received a lot of compliments from our guests about how much fun our DJ was.
Andy & Monette Remedios